Safety Verification Test

Verification test for the safety design of machinery and equipment.

  1. Verification tests for electrical safety – Conducting on-site EMC test for your product(s) in accordance with IEC, UL and SEMI S22 Standards.
  2. Airborne Concentration Measurement/Non Flammable Atmosphere Evaluation Test/Tracer Gas Test(SEMI S6)- Conducting verification tests for chemical exposure safety by measuring the chemical exposure amount of chemical leakage from the equipment during operation or a single point failure of equipment.
  3. Various radiation safety verification tests – Conducting verification tests for physical exposure safety by measuring the electromagnetic, UV, IR, laser, and ionizing radiation emission exposure amounts of leakage from the equipment during operation.
  4. Voltage Sag Immunity Test in accordance to SEMI F47

Safe Techno will work in partnership with you to establish remodeling measures from the design & development phase, and we conduct on-site safety & environmental verification tests for evaluation model equipment.

FLOW CHART for Achieving Integrated Optimum Design

Tracer Gas Test(SEMI S6)


Airborne Concentration Measurement
Non Flammable Atmosphere Evaluation Test


Electrical safety verification test


Analysis and Library Creation


Exposure measurements of
Non-Ionizing Radiation,
UV, IR, Static and
Electro Magnetic Fields


On-site EMC test