EHS Evaluation for Photovoltaic Manufacturing Equipment

Consulting service for integrated optimal safety design for Photovoltaic manufacturing equipment and modules.

Photovoltaic (PV) panel and module industry, for using solar energy, are booming day by day. In PV module/Panel manufacturing process, there are many steps in common with the Semiconductor and FPD manufacturing steps. To ensure the safety use of PV manufacturing equipment and module, it seems to be important to incorporate safety design guidelines, such as SEMI S2 and SEMI S26 and international standards, ISO12100 and ISO14121 into those design. Over 15 years, SAFE TECHNO LIMITED has abundant consulting experience for safety design and non-conformance verification for Semiconductor and FPD manufacturing equipment. So our highly qualified staff with extensive experience, support you in generating safety design of PV modules and PV manufacturing equipment. We also propose the integrated optimal safety design, achieving good cost performance in accordance to other safety requirements (i.e. CE marking Safety Directive and several North American safety standards).

About the SEMI Standards FLOW CHART for Achieving Integrated Optimal Design

SEMI S2/SEMI S26 Evaluation