Integrated Optimal Design Consulting

Guidance of multiple applicable standards for Integrated Optimal Design

As Oregon state Recognized Field Evaluation Firm, Marketing agent of Accredited Inspection Body in Canada, our engineering staff, who are experienced in safety design for conformance, provide integrated safety optimal design guidance for your products to meet Regulatory requirements in USA, IFC(International Fire Code), US standards such as NFPA and ASME, safety & health EU directives and CE Marking, European Norms, and SEMI S2/S8/S14/S17/S22/S26.

Design reviews and risk assessment for integrated optimal design

At first, we ask you to provide a brief description and information of the product requires approval, then our engineering staff goes through the document assessing the configuration, layout, intended use (i.e. process conditions) and utility specification based on available information. Thereafter, we agree on the scope of consulting, and conduct a systematic risk assessment of the product, if necessary, at each design modifications, development and manufacturing phase. Finally, we submit a comprehensive report for the integrated safety optimal design, proposing the design modifications. Of course, we will provide intermittent briefings and conduct meetings with you in response to your request.

  1. During equipment development phase: Guidance about applicable design standards, resolving non-conformity issues templating the existing equipment.
  2. At design phase: Safety design consulting during the entire design phase, and prevent minimize redesign.
  3. During production phase: Retrofit consulting, which is prior to completion of equipment fabrication, if adapted easily.

FLOW CHART for Achieving Integrated Optimal Design

Consulting service for EMC conformance design

Our experts, with substantial knowledge and experience in EMC conformance design, propose a circuit design of EMC measures from development of electrical design phase in response to your requests. We have provisions also to conduct EMC test at customer’s facility (on-site EMC test) for equipment that is too huge or cannot be moved to our EMC test site. After on-site EMC test completion, EMC certificate of conformance (CoC) is issued by the EU(NB) certification body.