SEMI S2/ SEMI S26 Evaluation

Third party EHS non-conformance verification service for the SME and FPD manufacturing equipment, based on applicable SEMI international standards (i.e. SEMI S2, SEMI S8, SEMI S14, SEMI S17, SEMI S22, SEMI S26)

There are several separate industry-specific Guidelines that address the Environmental, Health and safety (EHS) of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment (SME) and other supporting equipment of SME. SME should conform to some of the applicable Guidelines in response to End-User’s requirement. SME must also comply with regulations and codes that are applicable at the location of use.
We conduct not only EHS non-conformance verification in accordance with SEMI S2 Guideline, but also consult integrated optimal safety design with the goal for global product conformance evaluation.

About the SEMI Standards FLOW CHART for Achieving Integrated Optimal Design

Safety Verification Test: Verification tests for the safety design of machine and equipment

  1. Verification tests for electrical safety – Conducting the on-site EMC test for your products in accordance with IEC, UL and SEMI S22 Standards.
  2. Airborne concentration measurement/Non Flammable Atmosphere Evaluation Test/Tracer Gas Test – Conducting verification tests for chemical exposure safety by measuring the chemical exposure amount of chemical leakage from the equipment during operation or a single point failure of equipment.
  3. Various radiation safety verification tests – Conducting verification tests for physical exposure safety by measuring the electromagnetic, UV, IR, laser, and ionizing radiation emission exposure amounts of leakage from the equipment during operation.
  4. Voltage Sag Immunity test in accordance with SEMI F47

EHS verification & conformance report

reportAfter product conformance evaluation, we submit SEMI S10 risk assessment evaluation report, SEMI S2 EHS of SME evaluation report, SEMI S8 Ergonomics design evaluation report, SEMI S14 fire safety risk assessment report, SEMI S26 EHS of FPDMS evaluation report, SEMI S22 electrical safety design evaluation report, and applicable verification test report.

Issue of certificate of conformance

certificateCertificate of conformance is issued for SME that SME is conforming to EHS/safety design requirements.






SEMI S2 Compliance/Conformance Label

SEMI S2 LabelSEMI S2 Compliance/Conformance Label is affixed on to the SME that SME is conforming to EHS/safety design requirements.