Consulting of EMC compliance design and evaluation

Safe Techno will work in partnership with you to establish remodeling measures from the design & development phase, and conduct on-site safety & environmental verification tests for evaluation model equipment.

Typical EMC countermeasures are symptomatic treatment; Electrical noise measurements are usually carried out after the completion of trial product. Countermeasures are considered only when some problems noticed during measurements on trial product. This consumes considerable amount of time and money to find the cause and to retrofit.
In order to minimize the cost of the EMC countermeasures; Our engineers estimate noise issues of equipment by design and take measures against the causes of noise at design phase in advance. In this way, significant cost reduction for EMC countermeasures shall be achievable.
About EMC countermeasures, we support you in response to your request by participating through phases of initial design, evaluation, measures, and various equipment tests.

Countermeasure details at each phase

Design phase Consultation for designing EMI filter(s) of power source(s), clock and signal lines considering electrical properties and designing EMI countermeasure board patterns to achieve low noise.
Trial production phase Adopting EMI filter tuning as the basic method for measurement and evaluation.
Mass production trial phase Selection and evaluation of components having EMI countermeasures and support EMI test considering mass production cost.