GEM300/EDA gap analysis

GEM300/EDA gap analysis & solution service for semiconductor manufacturing equipment (SME)

Currently, ISMI (International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative) has been focusing on to improve productivity of the semiconductor chip manufacturing. It is a well-known fact that improvement of throughput of semiconductor manufacturing equipment (SME) is one of the key to achieve better productivity. But in semiconductor Fab, latest factory automation, such as equipment utilization improvement, has been studied as the most effective way.
The following issues will be required to achieve latest factory automation.

  1. Each SME can be communicated completely with host computer in Fab using a common set of the interpretation of messages exchanged between equipment and a host, defined as SEMI Equipment Communications Standard Part 2 (SECS-II) .
  2. Based on instruction from the EDA (Equipment Data Acquisition) host, SME responds by operating GEM (Generic Model for communication & Control of SEMI tool) scenario and sending data to host properly.

If the above requirements are not met, smooth integration between each SME and host can’t be achieved. So, production schedules and productivity improvement suffers and impacts manufacturing significantly.
Our support services help latest factory automation, investigation for SME in advance, before shipping to verify the conformance with GEM/EDA.

About the advantages of next-generation validation testers

  1. By implementing next generation validation tester, we can integrate EDA and GEM tests. So conflicting conditions between EDA and GEM may have sometimes generated with conventional testers, which may be eliminated.
  2. Since next generation validation tester has already presented for ISMI validation and has been used for verification of conformance of Fab side GEM/EDA, we support in advance verification test before SME installed in Fab.
  3. We can obtain test results having traceability, so it is possible to deduce the failure point. In addition, it is also possible to test more than one issue at the same time.

We would like you to consider our GEM300/EDA Gap Analysis & Solution service.

Applicable industrial guidelines ISMI & SEMI Standards

GEM300: SEMI E30, SEMI E40, SEMI E87, SEMI E90, SEMI E94
EDA: SEMI E120, SEMI E125, SEMI E132, SEMI E134